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Musculoskeletal Physical Exam

4.99 usd

The Musculoskeletal Physical Exam application is a clinical guide to identifying orthopedic pathology without any additional imaging. This application will enable any clinician, whether an orthopedic surgeon, family physician, rheumatologist, or physical therapist, to assess their patients appropriately. Bulleted descriptions make each examination technique easy to perform. Additionally, the application includes full-motion videos of each maneuver. No other application includes such high-quality videos, making this the best physical exam tool available on your smartphone.Features:
Bulleted descriptions that succinctly describe how to perform each test
Full-motion video demonstrations that do not require internet access to view (unlike any other smartphone application available)
Every physical exam maneuver you need to accurately diagnose your patients’ musculoskeletal complaints
Includes methods for assessing every major joint including the spine
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